The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the way we discover new restaurants, share meals and run our businesses. With a track record all over Europe, food delivery startup Wolt entered the Munich market. In anticipation for the launch, we created campaign and social media assets by collaborating with local restaurant partners — playing off the exaggerated moments you would crave a tasty meal.
In the mood for italian? 
Wolt delivers anything from antipasti to gelato.
Bathtub season
With winter around the corner, enjoy your favorite restaurants from the comfort of your home. Wolt delivers anywhere.
Rough night? Ruff morning.
The Munich locals know Ruff's Burger and a Spezi is the go-to cure for a hangover. We created the concept, art direction, and photography to capture the craving.
Creative Direction | Franzi Sessler
Art Direction | Tainá Ceccato
Photography | Sebastian Lehner
Models | Fabricio Miranda, Victoria Weber
Partner Restaurants | Ruff's Burger, Supernova, Piazzetta

Y o u m a y a l s o l i k e

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